Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities in Data-Driven Digital Transformation

Webinar with David Restrepo Amariles HEC Paris Professor
Tuesday, June 16 at 5:00 PM (CET)

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Join us for a series of free live webinars to help you to understand the impacts of the COVID-19 virus on our way of life and business world.

In the midst of all the questions you are asking yourself, the aim of our HEC Paris Professors during these webinars, delivered in English or French, is to try to give you some keys to build the world of tomorrow and meet the new challenges that lie ahead.

About the Webinar : 

The restrictions enacted by governments throughout the world in response to Covid-19 has put millions of workers and consumers at home, accelerating the pace of digital transformation.

Firms are facing today multiple urgent and crucial questions, including in relation to the organisation of the workforce, management of data, monitoring of suppliers and contract performance, choice of infrastructure and software providers, and prioritisation of investment among multiple technologies (AI, blockchain, etc.).

This webinar explores how firms can respond to some of the most pressing questions of data-driven digital transformation today while factoring AI and privacy regulations in their strategies. First, the webinar analyses the challenges these regulations pose to firms, and how they can capitalize on the changes required to reorganise on two fronts :

  1. Organisational structure and compliance,
  2. Business model and innovation.
Then, it analyses how privacy regulations may affect the relations with customers. In times when consumers have great exposure to digital offers and online content, the webinar intends to show that adopting a privacy-preserving approach as part of the communication strategy may help firms gaining and maintaining consumers’ trust.

David Restrepo Amariles,
Associate Professor HEC Paris

David Restrepo Amariles is Associate Professor of Data Law and Artificial Intelligence at HEC Paris. He is co-Director of research on SMART Law (Scientific Mathematical, Algorithmic, Risk and Technology driven law) at the DATA IA Institute and director of the project Smart Contracts and Regulatory Technologies in the Programme Autonomy through Cuberjustice Technologies led by the Université de Montréal - Cyberjustice Lab.


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