The US Elections — And What They Mean for the Rest of the World

Webinar with  Jeremy GHEZ

Tuesday, November 3 at 12:00 Noon (CET)

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Every generation seems to believe that their presidential election is historic. This generation of Americans, who is about to vote in November, is not different. But then again, it is hard to overstate the stakes of this coming election.

Two diametrically opposed visions of the United States are facing off, especially when you compare President Trump to his rival, former Vice-President Biden in the areas of economic policy, foreign policy and leadership style.

Would another Trump presidency be any different than the first one?

What would a Biden presidency change? For the United States?

And for the rest of the world?

We’ll look at the political dynamics of this campaign and the most significant policy questions that are at stake. We’ll explore the consequences of the election for the rest of the world, in particular in terms of American presence abroad, global economic and trade relations and the future of the relationship between the West and China.

Practical Information :

Date: November 3, 2020
Time: 12:00 Noon (CET)
Professor: Jeremy Ghez

Jeremy Ghez is Associate Professor of Economics and International Affairs (Educational Track) at HEC Paris.

He is the scientific director of the school’s master program in Sustainability and Social Innovation as well as the academic director of the HEC Paris Center for Geopolitics. He is also the coordinator of the Sustainable and Disruptive Innovation Track in the HEC Paris MBA program.
His research and teaching focuses on populism, the global business environment, strategic foresight, tech giants, as well as on US and European politics.

Previously, he was an assistant policy analyst and a research fellow at the RAND Corporation and at RAND Europe. In 2016, he received an award for his case study on “The Economics of Amazon.”
In 2019, he was named one of the world’s 40 best under-40 MBA professors by Poets and Quants.

His book, Architects of Change: Designing Strategies for a Turbulent Business Environment, was published last September by Palgrave MacMillan.

He has appeared on Bloomberg, the BBC and France 24, as well as on various French media. Jeremy is an American and French citizen, and currently lives in Paris.


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