November 5th at 5:00 PM (CET), online

Masterclass by Emeritus Professor Laurent Maruani

Guest speaker: Henri Ghosn, Chairman of The HEC Finance Club and former CEO at Société Française de Gestion et d’Investissement

Many of you already know HEC Paris Professor Laurent Maruani and Henri Ghosn.

These two HEC Paris Alumni would be delighted to meet you and discuss the topic of recovering growth today, in Lebanon and worldwide.
What did Warren Buffett mean when he said, "Don't test the depth of the river with both your feet while taking risk"?

Of course you understand clearly the signification of that sentence but what does it involve?
1.    Today
2.    In Lebanon and worldwide
3.    In terms of Finance, Marketing and Sales Digital and behaviors
4.    From some other points of view that you will bring to discussion

Recovery and growth are “ multifaced”  and we will therefore give you the opportunity to share your ideas and experiences on this topic, after a presentation focusing on three areas:
Laurent Maruani
  • Economic policy and value creation conditions through bold monetary decisions
  • Marketing and sales adaptations to new requirements
Henri Ghosn
  • Financial conditions
  • New financial optimizations
Henri Ghosn and Laurent Maruani
  • How to go fast and secure
  • Trust and reliability

Laurent Maruani, Lifelong Emeritus Professor, Marketing and Economics, HEC Paris
After having worked for several ministries, for the European Union and the French Presidency, he became a Professor for the HEC Paris Group in 1979, for which he currently serves as Coordinator for the Marketing Department. He teaches in France, at Ecole Polytechnique, ENPC, and abroad (USA (UCLA), Russia (Saint-Petersburg) Lebanon, Vietnam and Serbia.
He was responsible for the Commission and the "Energy d'Entreprendre" Forums and in charge of the Bicentenary of the creation of the CCIP. He has also contributed to many economic missions of public interest in France and with the European Commission.

He is in charge of several specific corporate programs at HEC Paris and has acquired expertise in the fields of energy, health, distribution, the media as well as in the areas of pricing strategy and entrepreneurship.
He is a member of the CCIP/HEC Entrepreneur Chair and teaches the following specialized courses: "Strategic Marketing", "Pricing Strategy", "Talent Management" and "Money and Image".

Henry Ghosn

Henri GHOSN is Chariman of the HEC Paris Finance Club. Former executive of Paribas, the CDC and the FRR, he is now a director of the Director of companies and also pursues, academic and cultural activities in France and abroad.


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