There is a lot of hype around AI. Tangible use cases, however, do not abound yet when it comes to leadership development and executive education. One interesting application opportunity emerges when an AI interacts with individual leaders to explore their adaptability. At unbeatable cost, valuable insights can be gained for individuals, teams, units, and entire organizations. Change readiness and reskilling success can be measured and anticipated, which is essential in today’s “permavucalution”.

Here are some of the take-aways of the session:

  1. AI is developing so quickly that building tangible use cases remains difficult.
  2. The speed of change renders new solutions outdated rather quickly.
  3. Organizations must focus not on the hype but what truly adds value.


Details below.




HEC Paris in Qatar - Msheireb Downtown, 1st floor



Wednesday, 31 January 2024



6:00- 8:00PM 

(Registration starts at 5:30PM)


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Wolfgang Amann is a professor of strategy and leadership at HEC Paris. He has been directing degree, custom, open, and certificate programs for HEC Paris since 2014 and for 25 years overall. He earned four doctorates in international strategy, psychology, educational leadership, and philosophy exploring what wisdom means in today’s complex world. He is a graduate of key faculty development programs at Harvard, IESE, EFMD, and IMD. Next to designing and delivering executive education seminars worldwide, he advises senior leaders and holds several board assignments. He held several executive director positions in academia and industry. He published 50+ books for executives and compiled more than 100 case studies for his executive education seminars. He is certified to administer several psychometric tests for strategic leaders. He received several research, teaching, book as well as case writing, and academic impact awards along with honorary professorships. Most notably, he won five best course awards at the university level and received repeatedly the prestigious CEMS teaching award for the best course in top business schools worldwide. Next to his academic initiatives, he founded several ventures. In his free time, he participates in long-distance running and Ironman races.

Professor Wolfgang Amann