Data for Managers
Executive short program - Online

In times of crisis, capitalize on training to accelerate the transformation of your company

The Covid-19 crisis has had an unprecedented impact on all companies and has forced them to rethink their organization in record time. It is also radically accelerating the transformation of companies in areas such as the digitalization of production and interactions with customers, the digitalization of support functions, and working remotely on team projects.

Data is no longer just the exclusive domain of technical experts. It is now becoming a crucial issue for companies in terms of economic performance, innovation and strategy. The question, however, is how to transform managers into key players in data transformation, who can make their companies more efficient, more agile and more innovative ?

Les benefits : 

  • Understand the concepts, usage and challenges of data for your company and for your profession
  • Identify your role in a data-driven company in by working closely with all the data players in your organization
  • Adopt best practices to identify, collect, enhance, conserve and use data
  • Initiate or actively participate in concrete projects in your company
  • Be able to take the appropriate decisions in a crisis situation
The program is aimed at : 
  • All company managers and experts who need to understand the challenges of data in their profession and in their functional role.
  • All company employees (excluding data experts) who promote or play an active role in the implementation of data projects.
This program is part of the New FNE-Formation initiative for employees in partial unemployment.

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