Les synergies commerciales et marketing pour la création de valeur et de performance
Executive short program


Increasingly integrated into a single entity focusing on strategic growth, marketing, sales and digitalization should play a major role in the development of a company and creating value.

With aid of conferences, case studies, workshops and benchmarks, the aim of this program is to reinforce, accelerate and give structure to the value creation process and its distribution among the stakeholders.

To achieve this goal it is necessary to strengthen the leadership of companies and help them see that digitalization is an excellent opportunity to provide support for the essential alliance between marketing and sales teams in order to truly innovate and consolidate results in both the short and long terms.

  • Sell value creation to clients and consumers
  • Develop a value proposition based on the synergy of sales/marketing leadership and capitalize on digital technologies
  • Determine high-quality contact points and the client’s stress zones in order to establish a value-based offerings and long-term customer loyalty
  • Negotiate, prepare, act, adjust and finalize
  • Develop quantifiable performance indicators to determine the leadership and added value achieved through sales/marketing synergies


Format : 5 days
Language : French

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