Communication of Risk is ....Risky!

Tuesday | 26 March 19 | 5:45PM-7:15PM

Decisions involving risk are often difficult.  It would be easy to make the decision if we knew what the various outcomes would be but this is often not the case.  How we make decisions under conditions of risk is now relatively well understood.  But, this knowledge has created a different problem.  It turns out that how we describe a risky choice can strongly shape what people decide to do.  This creates all sorts of difficulties.  In medicine, for example, what does ‘informed consent’ mean when I know that how I describe the risks of a procedure will shape your decision over treatment.  There is no ‘best’ or ‘unbiased’ way to ask and how we ask the question affects patients’ choices.  While this fact has been explored in medical settings, it is less well understood in business settings. 

HEC Paris in Qatar invites you to explore in this interactive session the implications of the findings from medical decision making to the world of business.

Registration is free, but seats are limited so please sign up early to avoid disappointment:

Date: Tueday, 26 March 2019
Time: 5:45PM-7:15PM
Location: 15th floor, Tornado Tower, West Bay


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Matthew Mulford

Matthew Mulford teaches in various HEC Executive Education programs, such as HEC Executive MBA and customized programs, which he also designs and facilitates as Academic Director.


Matthew Mulford

Associate Professor, HEC Paris